Other Commodities

Travellers from within the EU There are certain goods that may not be brought into Sweden freely, e.g. firearms, ammunition and pets. Read more on designated pages in this website.

Travellers from outside the EU, including the Åland Islands, the Canary Islands and similar territories

Goods other than alcohol and tobacco may be brought in duty-free and tax-free if their total value does not exceed SEK 4 700 (470 €) if you travel by a commercial airline or ferryline. If you travel in any other way you can bring goods for value not exceeding SEK  3 300 (330 €). If you have bought, for example, jewellery, clothes or electronic appliances during your trip, please note that you will only be granted exemption from duty and tax for a total value of SEK 4 700 or 3 300.

This amount includes snuff and travel items purchased during the trip. It is not possible to split up the value of separate purchases.

Goods that travellers brings into Sweden for personal use during the trip and will be brought back abroad with the traveller are not included in the above mentioned value.

Last updated: 2019-11-26

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