Schedule for introduction of the Union Customs Code

The Union Customs Code is being introduced in stages over a transition period. You can follow the work on this page. Swedish Customs’ national schedule will be updated as work progresses.

The following development work is to continue in 2021:

  • Digital handling of REX (registered exporter) is being introduced in June.

  • Real-time discharge of guarantees is to be introduced on 17 April.

  • VAT changes are being introduced on 1 July (concerns postal and express delivery bodies).

  • A new import control system (ICS2) is to be introduced (concerns postal and express delivery bodies).

  • Notification of arrival of goods in the postal flow is being introduced.

  • Development of standard customs import declaration is continuing.

In 2021 we are also starting to plan the work involved in making the changes that are next in line. For example, towards the end of 2023, all export declarations are to be handled in a new system and IT support for transit movements, NCTS, is to be updated in accordance with the Union Customs Code. As regards notification of the arrival of goods and temporary storage, the focus is on using the system currently being developed in a collaboration project led by Belgium. We estimate that the system will be ready for testing sometime in the second half of 2022. However, here too, we will be getting back with a schedule.

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