Online registration simplifies for travellers

A citizen of an EU country travelling to Sweden can report pet dogs, cats, cash and weapons on Swedish Customs’ website in beforehand. When passing the border you simply choose the green or blue customs channel, without contacting a customs officer.

Register in your smartphone – choose the green or blue channel

Register your dog, cat, cash or weapon in your computer or smartphone at a time convenient for you.
Afterwards you will receive an email with a registration number. When passing the border you choose the green or blue customs channel. If a customs official carries out a check, you must be able to produce the registration number, and other required documentation.

How to report your dog online

In beforehand you register the entry of the dog in the online registration on Swedish customs’ website, tullverket.se. Once you have completed all the necessary information in the entry registration and submitted it, you will receive a registration number (for example ML86025142) in an email. You also need to check the website of Swedish Board of Agriculture to find out if there are other requirements, for example pet passport, identity marking and documentation of rabies vaccination.

If you don’t want to register your pet online, when passing the border you have to contact a customs officer by the red customs channel to report your pet.

Where to find the online registration services

You will find the online entry registration services here at Swedish Customs website, tullverket.se.

Registration of dog or cat


Declaration if you are entering or leaving the EU with cash


Registration of firearms and ammunition

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