How to use the authorisation

An authorisation for duty relief for scientific instruments and apparatus and parts of these items is valid for 6 months. When you receive your authorisation, read it through carefully to be aware of all applicable terms and conditions.

When the goods arrive

When the goods arrive, you declare the goods to Customs either using a paper declaration (Single Administrative Document, SAD) or electronically.

If you use the SAD, you must attach your duty-relief authorisation and any other supporting documents, for example the invoice.

Codes to provide in the customs declaration:

Box 36, preference code: 100
Box 37, second subdivision, customs procedure code: C13
Box 44, additional information/documents produced: provide the authorisation number for the duty-free import and code 401T ‘Authorisation for duty-free import´ If the establishment is private and approved by Swedish Customs as authorised to receive said items duty free, that approval number should also be provided together with code 401G ‘Customs decision authorising a consignee to receive certain goods free of duty´.

If you declare electronically, you file the authorisation along with other supporting documents. The information you provide is the same as for a paper-based declaration.
The items must be sent directly to the declared place of destination. It is also important that they are entered into the inventory record.


You can download the Single Administrative Document from the European Commission's website. You find the link to the document in the first line of the page Single administrative document (SAD) – European Commission.

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