Future customs procedures

How to submit information in the Common Repository

To submit information in the Common Repository, your company needs to access the system and complete authorised conformance tests.

Please follow these steps.

1. Apply for an EORI number

EORI stands for “Economic Operator Registration and Identification” and is a unique registration number, which should be provided when engaging in any customs related activity in the EU.
If your company does not already hold an EORI number, please apply here.

2. Request access to Swedish Customs' online services

Request access to Swedish Customs’ online services for companies and nominate an account manager.
If your company does not already have access to the online services, please apply here. 
(information in Swedish)

3. Request a signature certificate

The website of the European Commission contains a list of approved issuers in the European Union. Please not that certificate must be a Certificate for electronic signature, Qualified certificate for electronic signature, Certificate for electronic seal or Qualified certificate for electronic seal.

4. Sign up for conformance tests

Send an email to ICS2.helpdesk@tullverket.se, requesting conformance tests for ICS2. You will receive an email explaining how to access the test environment.

5. Run conformance tests

The conformance tests should be run during the registered 10-day period.

Documentation for the conformance tests: ICS2 EO Self-Conformance Documentation.

Prior to the tests, you need to configure communications with the central systems, which is part of the conformance testing procedures.

You will receive credentials and access information when registering for conformance tests.

6. Send messages in the production environment

Once the company has successfully completed the conformance tests, it can send messages in the production environment. Complete the following steps to send messages in the production environment:

  • Assign privileges: The Account Manager should assign user privileges in Swedish Customs' online services to any users who need access to UUM&DS an STI/STP**.
  • Register the company's signature certificates in UUM&DS: The certificate that was previously registered in the test environment should now be registered in the production environment. Please use the TAXUD Authentication Portal on the website of the European Commission.

*UUM&DS – Uniform User Management & Digital Signature System

**STI/STP – Shared Trader Interface/Shared Trader Portal

The course UUM&DS system: Your passport to EU applications can be found on the website of the European Commission. In the course, you will learn how to start using the UUM&DS.

The course will ask you if your Member State is an A, B, C or D country. Sweden is an A country.

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