Parcels with tobacco

There are special rules for parcels containing tobacco. These rules vary depending on whether the parcel is being sent from a country within or outside the EU.

The following apply to gifts that contain tobacco:

  • Tobacco may be sent in a parcel as a gift between two private individuals.
  • As a recipient, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • To be classed as a gift and thus free of charge, only an individual* parcel is allowed.
  • The tobacco must be for private use.
  • The tobacco must be carried by a transport company.
  • If you send tobacco as a gift to another country, you should find out what rules apply there.

If the parcel comes from another EU country

You do not have to pay any charges if you send or receive individual³ gifts of tobacco from another EU country.

If you buy tobacco in another EU country and want to send it home to Sweden (i.e. you do not want to transport/carry it yourself), you must pay Swedish tobacco tax on the tobacco.

Read more about buying tobacco on the internet.

If the parcel comes from a country outside the EU

If the total quantity of tobacco you receive as a gift from a country outside the EU is worth less than SEK 500 and does not exceed the quantities set out below, you do not have to pay customs duty on the tobacco.

The quantity of tobacco you can receive as a gift without paying customs duty is limited to:

  • 50 cigarettes or
  • 25 cigarillos or
  • 10 cigars or
  • 50 g of smoking tobacco or
  • a proportional selection of these products.

You must always pay Swedish tobacco tax on the tobacco. It is the company transporting your alcohol that will debit the tax.

  • Cigarettes – tax, SEK 0.196 each
  • Cigars – tax, SEK 0.219 each
  • Smoking tobacco – tax, SEK 2,422 per kg
  • Oral snuff (snus) – tax, SEK 762 per kg

* “Individual” relates to both quantity (whether the quantity is reasonable is determined from case to case) and number of occasions (sending a gift every week is not to be regarded as individual).

Last updated: 2020-09-03

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