Parcels with medicines

If you meet certain requirements, you may receive medicines sent via parcel post or a transport company. You may never receive medicines classed as narcotics or doping agents sent via letter or parcel post or as a parcel (regardless of which country they are sent from).

To be allowed to receive a parcel containing medicines, the requirements you have to satisfy (note that all requirements have to be satisfied) and also corroborate are:

  • the parcel is being sent from a country within the EEA (the EEA countries are the EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway);
  • you, as recipient, are to make private use of the medicines;
  • the medicines are approved medicines in the country from which they are being sent;
  • the medicines were obtained from a pharmacy or equivalent; and
  • the medicines are approved and non-prescription in Sweden or, in the case of prescription medicines, prescribed by a qualified prescriber in the EEA.


Recipients of medicines sent to them in a parcel must pay any customs duty, VAT and any other taxes on the medicines. If a transport company is handling carriage, this company also makes the customs declaration for you.

Permit from the Swedish Medical Products Agency

Bringing a medicine into Sweden may require a permit from the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

More about the rules for various medicines (information from the Swedish Medical Products Agency).

Last updated: 2020-09-03

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