Brexit for companies that have not previously traded with countries outside the EU

If your company has not previously traded with countries outside the EU, it is extra important to prepare as soon as possible. This is what you kan do now:

1. Get an EORI number.

EORI stands for “economic operator registration and identification”. It is a unique registration number that is used for all customs-related activity within the EU.

Apply for an EORI number.

2. Ensure that you have access to Swedish Customs’ web services.

Having access to Swedish Customs’ web services will give you, as a business operator, a better overview of your customs transactions and simplify your company’s contacts with Swedish Customs. Unfortunately, the web services are in Swedish only.

Apply for access to Swedish Customs’ web services.

3. Learn more.

You can learn more about customs management and how you import and export on the individual pages devoted to these. This is also where you will find the video “Introducing international trade with countries outside of the EU”.

Read about importing and watch the video.

Read about exporting and watch the video.

4. Should you do it yourself or use an agent?

Give serious consideration to whether your customs management/transactions should be taken care of by your company or whether you should engage a customs agent.

Follow developments

If your company is going to be affected by Brexit, it is extra important that you follow the developments and prepare yourself and your company as well as possible.

Read the EU Commission’s information about Brexit.

Read the Commission’s fact sheet “Seven things businesses in the EU27 need to know in order to prepare for Brexit”.

Last modified: 2019-12-05