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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions in the area of the Swedish Customs matters.

Pets dogs and cats
Alcohol and tobacco
Technical questions regarding the websites

Pets dogs and cats

Can i bring my pet dog or cat to Sweden from France on my vacation?
Answer: Yes you can, but the animal needs

  • a pet passport
  • identity marking (From July 3th 2011 microchip is the only approved method. If your dog or cat has a tattoo marking done before the 3th of July and it is registred in the pet passport will still be accepted.)
  • rabies vaccination

You must declare your animal to the Customs on arrival.

Read more about the regulations on the Swedish Board of Agriculture´s website.


I am invited for hunting in Sweden, what do i need to do?
Answer: If you are non-Scandinavian resident you need a permit from the Swedish Police before entering Sweden. You apply for this permit at the Police authority where you are about to enter Sweden. If you are a European resident you also need a weapons passport issued by authorities in your home country.

Upon arrival you have to declare your weapon, the permit and the weapons passport to the Customs. You shall also fill in a Customs form for the temporary use in Sweden.

The Customs form shall be returned to the Customs on departure.

Alcohol and Tobacco

How much alcohol and tobacco products can I bring to Sweden from a non EU-country?
Answer: You may bring 1 litre of alcohol or two litres of strong wine (over 15 but not over 22 percent by volume). Four litres of fortified wine not over 15 percent by volume and 16 litres of beer.

You may bring 200 cigarettes or 100 cheroots or 50 cigars or 250 grams of smokingtobacco, or a proportional mix.

How much alcohol and tobacco products may i bring from another EU-country?
Answer: There is no limit as long as the alcohol and tobacco products is meant for you or your familys personal use or as a gift to close relatives.

You have to be 20 years old to bring alcohol products and 18 years old to bring tobacco products into Sweden.


Can i bring foodstuff with me from a non EU-country?
Answer: You can´t bring any foodstuff like meat products, cheese or similar to Sweden without a permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. There are some exceptions like powdered infant formula, baby food and special food brought for medical purpose. There are also some exceptions for foodstuff from Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Croatia. You can find more information at the Swedish Board of Agriculture´s website.

Technical questions

What is a PDF file?
Answer: PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is used for distribution of electronic documents. It is a universal file format that preserves fonts, colors and graphs in all kinds of source documents regardless of the program and platform used for creating them.

How can I read the information in a PDF file?
Answer: Anyone with access to the free program Acrobat Reader can open a PDF file.

Why does it take so long before I receive the PDF files?
Answer: This is often caused by your own equipment or a too slow setting up time, and is a problem that is rather difficult to solve unless you bring your computer hardware up to date. You may also need a more modern version of your web reader. In order to obtain the best results we recommend using the latest versions of Acrobat Reader and Internet Explorer.

Are you having PDF printout problems?
Answer: The printer standards of home users are different and vary. This may cause deficient printouts of PDF files i.e. "it seems the entire file wasn't brought out". When printing out our PDF files we recommend you to use the printout option via the printer icon in Acrobat, choosing the options "Print out as a picture" and "Adapt to page".

Also in a network there may be printout problems. Check your company's safety cut-offs. There may be local blocking devices preventing you from downloading e.g. PDF files. Contact your local IT coordinator if you have printout problems.

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